Road Trailers

EU Type Approved Road Trailers

Road trailers are by far the easiest and most convenient way to transport your dinghy from one place to the other. Simply pull the trolley on, secure down and hitch it onto the car.

All of our road trailers come with either 8" or 10" wheels. For the heavier duty models and box trailers, jockey wheels can be added to help you to manouver them around and a winch can also be supplied to assist getting the trolley onto the trailer. 

All of our trailers, because they are EU type approved are supplied with a 1.6m lighting board, lighting board arms, mast crutch and the Certificate of Conformity - so you know that your trailer has been built to all the legal requirements - it is safe and reliable. 

Type approval has been a legal requirement of ALL trailers manufactured since 2012 and it comes with a serious fine if your trailer does not comply.